Carnegie Mellon University

S3D Spring 2024

Distinguished Seminar Series/S3D Seminar Series

Upcoming Seminars:

Tom Zimmermann Distinguished February 19th, 2024
The Incredible Machine: Developer Productivity and the Impact of AI on Productivity
Bogdan Vasilescu S3D Seminar Series February 28, 2024 A Tasty Strudel Recipe for Sustainable Open-Source Ecosystems
Mani Srivastava Distinguished March 27th, 2024

Enabling Performant and Trustworthy Learning-enabled CPS-IoT Systems

Thanh Nyugen S3D Seminar Series April 17th, 2024

Data-Driven Decision Making in Adversarial Environments: Challenges and Applications


Premkumar Devanbu Distinguished April 24st, 2024

Bimodality in Softwar

David Rand 
(joint with CSS)
Distinguished May 1st, 2024

Durably reducing conspiracy beliefs through dialogues with AI



Past Seminars


Amy Zhang 2/23/22

Empowering Users and Communities in Social Media Governance

Anita Woolley 4/20/22

A Transactive Systems Framework of Collective Intelligence:
Teaching Algorithms How to Detect Teamwork

Chris Bail 5/4/22 AI Chat Assistants can Improve Conversations
Carter Butts (Distinguished) 11/30/22
Inference with Many Networks
Daniel Jackson (Distinguished) 12/7/22 The Essence of Software
Hirokazu Shirado 12/8/22

Individual and Collective Learning in Human Groups Facing Danger

Helen Nissenbaum


Privacy as Contextual Integrity: Challenging Practice and Challenged by it.

Jon Kleinberg 12/2/22

The Challenge of Understanding What Users Want: Inconsistent Preferences and Engagement

Lingfei Wu 11/17/22

Remote Teams Fuse Fewer Ideas

Patrick Park 11/16/22

The Centre Cannot Hold: Online Polarization and the Paradox of Network Diversity

Norman Sadeh 11/14/22

Privacy in the Age of AI and the Internet of Things





Pernille Bjørn


 Diversity in Computer Science

Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey (Distinguished) 


From Automating Software Development to Empowering Software Developers

Junming Huang 1/26/23


Historical comparison of gender inequality in scientific careers across countries and disciplines

Miryung Kim (Distinguished)


Software Engineering for AI

Mark Guzdial (Distinguished)


 Broadening Participation in Computing by Moving Away from Computer Science

Travis Breaux 8/30/2023
Legal Accountability as Software Quality
Mayank Goel 9/27/2023

A Billion Medical Devices - Using Far-From-Perfect Machine Learning in Healthcare

Torgeir Dingsøyr 11/1/2023

A Teamwork Effectiveness Model for Agile Software Development

Daniela Damian

The Inclusive Developer: Perspectives and Considerations for Building Inclusive Software

Andrew Begel 11/15/2023

Building Inclusive Workplaces through E􀅡ective Working Relationships

Owolabi Legunsen (Distinguished) 11/29/2023

Specializing Runtime Verification for Software Testing

Yi Wu 12/8/2023 Language Model meets Reinforcement Learning: Building Strong Language Agents for Strategic Gameplay