Carnegie Mellon University

Million Book Project 20th Anniversary Symposium

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of the Universal Digital Library's Million Book Project (August 23 - 26, 2021).

Aug 23, 2021

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Passcode: 281877

Time Speaker Title
9:00AM ET                Raj Reddy                  The Million Book Project: Past, Present and Future                    
9:20AM ET Robert Thibadeau  Early Experiments in Digital Libraries
9:40AM ET Michael Lesk NSF and Digital Libraries
10:00AM ET Michael Shamos The Value of Digital Libraries
10:20AM ET Gloriana St Clair
Erika Linke
Role of CMU Libraries in Digitization
10:40AM ET Panel Discussion Future Directions


Aug 24, 2021

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Time Speaker Title
9.05AM PT Raj Reddy History & Vision behind the Million Book Project
9.15AM PT Vint Cerf Desirable Properties of Digital Libraries
9.30AM PT Liz Ridolfo From both sides of the desk: UofT digitization history and perspectives
9:45AM PT Brewster Kahle Internet Archive's Open Libraries: 5 Million online books Available to borrow
10:05AM PT Mike Furlough Libraries, HathiTrust, and Access Transformed
10.20AM PT Moriel Schottlender Helping Wikipedia fight misinformation and improve knowledge equity
10.35AM PT Panel Discussion Future Directions


Aug 25, 2021

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Time Speaker Title
9.30AM CST August 25/ 9.30PM ET August 24 Yunhe Pan From Digital Library to AI 2.0
9.55AM CST August 25/ 9.55PM ET August 24 Wen Gao

Multilingual Machine Translation and cross media search based on NLP large model

10.20AM CST August 25/ 10.20PM ET August 24 Yueting Zhuang Impacts of MBP & CADAL: From a Research Perspective
10.40AM CST August 25/ 10.40PM ET August 24 Chen Huang Twenty years in CADAL: What we achieved and what comes next


Aug 26, 2021

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Passcode: 899634

Time Speaker Title
7:00PM IST/9:30AM ET Ajay Kumar Sawhney
7:20PM IST/ 9:50AM ET Partha Pratim Chakraborty National Digital Library of India - Building a National Asset
7:40PM IST/10:10AM ET V. N. Shukla Multilingual Digital Library – NLP Way
8:00PM IST/10:30AM ET Rajeev Sangal Technology Development Initiatives in Indian Languages: Important Role of DLI
8:20PM IST/10:50AM ET N Balakrishnan DLI and Its Journey
8:40PM IST/11:10AM ET Panel Discussion Future Directions