Carnegie Mellon University

From Digital Library to AI 2.0

The report points out that after 20 years of development, the global digital library, which started with the "China-America Digital Academic Library" project in cooperation with the United States and China, has become an important digital infrastructure for countries around the world, with remarkable significance in the digital aggregation of knowledge, remote circulation and personalized services. Furthermore, the digital library has formed a data ocean, which can create many new usages related to academic big data, thus making the library intelligent. Accordingly, we proposed and carried out the construction of "China Knowledge Centre for Engineering Science and Technology" 10 years ago, as well as internationalized it. It aims to decompose, correlate and organize the knowledge of data centers in various industries to form a dynamic self-organized knowledge network, and then provide in-depth knowledge services such as cross-media reading, deep search, and innovative design to facilitate the development of education, research, culture and other industries. On this basis we further realize the great change of the world: from the original PH dualistic space to the CPH ternary space. All these changes drive AI to 2.0.