Carnegie Mellon University

Impacts of MBP & CADAL: From a Research Perspective

We have witnessed the 20 years’ development of One-Million Book(MBP) Project and CADAL. The impacts this successful big project brought us are enormous. As the principle investigator of CADAL Project, I will address the impacts from a research perspective. CADAL was obviously the pioneering practice of big data and the prototype system of big-data intelligence. The traditional DBMS could not deal with the 2.5 million digital books. Thus an unstructured data management system(UDMS) was developed. CADAL has contained many multimedia materials and needs new retrieval method. Thus cross-media computing was proposed and later cross-media intelligence becomes one of the 5 intelligent forms. CADAL has then triggered a new big project called China Knowledge Center of Engineering Science and Technology. How to extract knowledge from the digital books becomes the key issues. The related research issues will be addressed.