Carnegie Mellon University
March 25, 2016

CASOS Students Selected for GuSH Grants

By Josh Quicksall

The department is pleased to announce that three graduate students affiliated with the Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS) have been selected to receive GuSH Research Grants to support their ongoing work.

The Graduate Small Project Research Grant Award (GuSH) was established to support graduate student research at Carnegie Mellon. These competitive awards are extended three times each year to graduate students who demonstrate the utility of their research to their respective degrees, with preference being given to those works which transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries.

CASOS graduate students Kenneth Joseph, Binxuan Huang, and Sumeet Kumar were each tapped for this honor this spring.

Joseph was selected for his project titled “Theory and Methods for Studying Identity with Text Analysis”; Huang for “Groundtruth for Multilingual Sentiment Classification”; and Kumar for “Multimedia based Sentiment Analysis Dataset”.

CASOS is a university-wide research center, housed within the Institute for Software Research. The center’s is a leader in dynamic network analysis and addresses complex real world issues through a combined social-science & computer-science approach, using advanced techniques from network science, text-mining, and agent-based modeling.

To learn more, visit CASOS and Carnegie Mellon’s Office of Graduate Education