Carnegie Mellon University
April 22, 2016

MSE Programs Represent at CSEE&T

By Josh Quicksall

MSE Programs Represent at CSEE&T 

The Institute for Software Research’s Masters of Software Engineering Professional Programs (MSE) was well represented at this year’s IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T).

Led by researchers and practitioners from leading tech companies and premier institutions of higher learning, the two-day event was held in Dallas, Texas and brought together luminaries and pioneers in the field of software engineering education from across the globe to share emerging best practices.

From the MSE, several past and present faculty members delivered talks and panels.

  • Tony Lattanze, Co-Director of the MSE Programs, delivered the keynote address, “Software Engineering Education in an Age of Specialization” as well as a paper entitled “Practice Based Studio”
  • Len Bass, adjunct faculty member, led the panel “Why You Should Be Teaching Deployment in Your Curriculum!” alongside panelists from Polytechnique Montreal, North Carolina State University, and Netflix.
  • Nancy Mead, adjunct professor, delivered a talk entitled “Meeting Industry Needs for Secure Software Development”.
  • Todd Sedano, MSE Class of 1999 and former faculty member, spoke on the topic of code readability testing in addition to delivering a co-authored paper entitled, “Green-Lighting Proposals for Software Engineering Team-Based Project Courses”
  • Matt Bass, assistant professor, delivered a talk on the rapidly shifting landscape of development and the academy’s response, entitled “Software Engineering Education in the New World: What Needs to Change?”
  • Mark Paulk, former ISR faculty (now of the University of Texas at Dallas), led a panel on “Teaching Software Testing from an Industry Perspective”.

More information on CSEE&T can be found at their website.