Carnegie Mellon University
July 25, 2017

Le Goues Named to ISAT Study Group

By Josh Quicksall

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has named Institute for Software Research faculty, Claire Le Goues, to the Information Science and Technology (ISAT) Study Group for a three-year term beginning this summer.

The ISAT Study Group was established by DARPA in 1987 to support its technology offices and provide continuing and independent assessment of the state of advanced information science and technology as it relates to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Le Goues - whose research focuses on automatic program improvement and repair, assurance and testing, and software quality -  will join 30 of the brightest scientists and engineers in the field to identify new areas of development in computer and communication technologies and to recommend future research directions.

While humbled by the honor, Le Goues is also excited by the opportunity. “This is a chance to share ideas and brainstorm with some of the leading minds in science and technology, while helping DARPA stay on top of potentially transformative future research,” Le Goues explains. “The ISAT study group represents a deeply interdisciplinary approach to really big problems, which I find really exciting. I am just deeply grateful that I’ll be able to be a part of the conversation.”