Carnegie Mellon University
November 13, 2017

MSE Program Inducted into IEEE CSEE&T Hall of Fame

By Josh Quicksall

The Master of Software Engineering Professional Programs, a suite of professional master's degree programs in the School of Computer Science’s Institute for Software Research, were recently honored with the induction of their flagship degree program, the Master of Software Engineering, into the IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training’s (CSEE&T) Hall of Fame.

CSEE&T serves as the foremost meeting for software engineering educators worldwide. The event offers educators and industry professionals the opportunity to share and expand their knowledge of software engineering education, training, and professional issues.

The goal of the CSEE&T Hall of Fame is to improve and share software engineering education and training practices by identifying the best examples in the field. Those elected to membership in Hall of Fame represent the highest achievement in their field, serving as models of what can be achieved - and how - in software engineering education and training.

Carnegie Mellon’s Master of Software Engineering degree program (MSE) was recognized for its foundational role in the development of software engineering curricula. Particularly, the MSE was noted for its trailblazing development of the “Studio” comprehensive development projects. Providing students with a team-based, mentored, multi-semester engagement with external clients, the Studio went far beyond a common “capstone”, allowing students to “learn by doing” as they apply skills and techniques derived from complementary core and elective courses.