Carnegie Mellon University
January 18, 2018

ISR AI Research Featured by IEEE Spectrum and Discover

By Josh Quicksall

Applied Artificial Intelligence research by Fei Fang, Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science’s Institute for Software Research, was recently featured in two seperate pieces by IEEE Spectrum and Discover Magazine.

Both articles brought to light the remarkable work being done by Fang, alongside colleagues from the University of Southern California and Microsoft, to apply artificial intelligence tools and methods to the poaching of endangered species.

This AI Hunts Poachers - IEEE Spectrum, Jan 2018

‘Predator’ Vision Drones Get AI to Spot Poachers - Discover Magazine, Dec 2017

For her part, Fang is pleased by the attention but not terribly surprised that her work is so exciting to the public. “AI is blooming and, while the commercial and day-to-day impact of AI is readily apparent, we are just now beginning to explore how this tech can address some of the pressing, meaningful societal challenges the world faces.”

And, while she and her colleagues will continue to work on developing more robust, AI-powered solutions to protecting endangered species, Fang looks forward to applying the latest and greatest in Artificial Intelligence to a wider range of societal concerns. “I am excited by the range of problems we are able to take on, using these approaches. For my part, I look forward to integrating game theory and machine learning to address challenges in security, environmental sustainability, and mobility.”

Fei Fang is an Assistant Professor in the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University, where her work in artificial intelligence focuses on the intersection of computational game theory and machine learning, with strong connections to robust and large-scale optimization.