Carnegie Mellon University
October 18, 2018

50 Years of Software Engineering

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first conference in software engineering: a gathering, sponsored by the NATO Science Committee, in Garmisch, Germany to address the looming “crisis” of software.

This year, the renowned software publication, IEEE Software, dedicated its entire fall issue to the field which emerged from that fateful meeting in 1968: Software Engineering.

Alongside some of the world’s most respected minds in software - Margaret Hamilton, Victor Basili, and Grady Booch, to name a few -  are pieces by the Institute for Software Research’s own faculty and alumni.

Half a Century of Software Engineering Education: The CMU Exemplar
Nancy R. Mead, David Garlan, and Mary Shaw

Bridging the Gap: From Research to Practical Advice
Claire Le Goues, Ciera Jaspan (SE PhD, 2011), Ipek Ozkaya, Mary Shaw, and Kathryn T. Stolee (NCSU)

To read the entire publication, please visit IEEE Software.