Carnegie Mellon University

Daniel Klug

Dr. Daniel Klug

Systems Scientist

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


I’m a faculty member at the Software and Societal Systems Department at Carnegie Mellon University.

I work with people in the STRUDEL Lab and the CoEx Lab (HCII)

My research interests are mainly qualitative approaches in the following areas:

  • communication, networking, and organizational aspects to sustain and maintain open-source software communities;
  • human-computer interaction and practices of producing and engaging with audiovisual media artifacts;
  • computer-supported collaboration and video annotation tools.

My academic background is in media studies (PhD, 2012) and sociology (MA, 2008).

Before coming to Carnegie Mellon University, I was a faculty member at the Seminar for Media Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

While working at the University of Basel, I co-developed TRAVIS GO, an app for simple and collaborative video annotation.