Carnegie Mellon University

Software, Systems, and Society

Our world is one in which computational technologies are embedded in everything and have become, in effect, the conduit through which we experience and influence the world. But even the revolutionary software advances that make this fantastical world possible, come with complications and limitations that challenge our ability to design correct, reliable, modifiable systems, and also our ability to understand and anticipate their profound impact on how we live, work, and play.

We are exploring this vital intersection — the confluence of software, systems, and society — to understand how computational technologies might better serve humanity. We are studying the bigger picture of computing in context in order to develop tools, policies, methods, and much more — all in the name of making the world a safer, more equitable, better place to call home.

Working Toward a Better Future

The massive, messy, multifactorial sociotechnical challenges of tomorrow won't be solved by fearless collaboration, rigorous research, world class educators, or the most expertly trained alumni. The watershed challenges that loom just over the horizon will be solved by all of those things, and more. 

Whether we are creating bold new understandings, inventing the solutions the world needs, or mentoring future leaders and visionaries, S3D stands ready to meet the challenges to come.