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Whether you need a solid foundation in the principles of software construction, the theory behind API design, or a strong understanding of privacy practices, ISR has something for you.

Some of our most popular courses include:

  • 17-214 Principles of Software Construction
  • 17-356 Software Engineering for Startups
  • 17-437 Web Application Development
  • 17-537 Artificial Intelligence Methods for Social Good

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Software Engineering Minor

Effectively building modern software systems at scale requires not just programming skills, but also engineering skills. These skills include the ability to interact effectively with customers to gather the requirements for a system in a precise way; to develop a design that resolves competing quality attributes; to make tradeoffs among schedule, cost, features, and quality to maximize value to stakeholders; to work effectively with other engineers; and to assure the quality of the delivered software system. We hear regularly from industry that these skills are crucial to them, and that they are interested in students with a strong software engineering background.

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Information Security, Privacy and Policy (ISPP) Minor

There is a growing demand for security and privacy experts, and increasing interest among CMU undergraduates in taking security and privacy courses. Security and privacy expertise is an asset in a variety of careers outside, not just in computer science, but also in areas that include business, management, and law. In addition, the policy side of security and privacy is becoming increasingly important and employers are interested in hiring people with an understanding of relevant policy issues, especially in the privacy and security area. This minor is for undergraduate students across the university who are interested in policy issues related to security and privacy, including those who are planning careers in security/privacy as well as those who plan to focus their careers in other areas.

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Security & Privacy Concentration

The Security & Privacy concentration is designed to expose students to the key facets of and concerns about computer security and privacy that drive practice, research, and legislation. On completing the curriculum, students will be well prepared to continue developing their interests in security or privacy through graduate study; to take jobs in security or privacy that will provide further training in applicable areas; and to be informed participants in public and other processes that shape how organizations and society develop to meet new challenges related to computer security or privacy.

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Software Engineering Concentration

In order to build modern software systems at scale, deep knowledge of and proficiency in programming alone is no longer sufficient. The Software Engineering concentration is designed to impart skills and techniques that bridge the gap between traditional computer science coursework and real-world practice. Upon completion of the curriculum, students will be capable of working with customers to gather the right requirements; developing a design that resolves competing quality attributes; making trade-offs between schedule, cost, features, and quality to maximize value to stakeholders; working effectively with fellow engineers; and assuring the quality of any software system they design.

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