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Photo of the large presentation screen at a conference. The screen shows the announcement slide for Dr. Masuda's award.

S3D's Masuda Takes Home Dual Honors

By Josh Quicksall

The Adaptive Integrated Digital Architecture Framework (AIDAF), proposed, developed and verified under the guidance of Dr. Yoshimasa Masuda – an instructor in the Software and Societal Systems Department (S3D) – has won both the AIS Outreach Practice Publication Award and an ISACA Global Achievement Award for Innovative Solutions. AIDAF addresses digital agility elements essential for digital IT strategy and digital transformation, filling gaps left by traditional enterprise architecture frameworks.

In a recent discussion with ISACA Now, Dr. Masuda shared insights on AIDAF, which has gained traction in education courses at Carnegie Mellon and across the globe. Its principles have been applied across various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Further plans for AIDAF include collaborative workshops and a second edition of the AIDAF book, slated to be out by early-mid 2024.

Dr. Masuda emphasizes the importance of AIDAF in the current digital landscape: "The framework is designed to help organizations adapt to rapid changes in technology and customer needs while maintaining a strong focus on building sustainable IT strategies and digital solutions."

The AIS serves society through the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of excellence in the practice and study of information systems, and is the premier leading professional organization for those involved in researching, teaching, practicing, or studying information systems. Concurrently, the ISACA is a global professional association consisting of 170,000 members in 188 countries, who work in digital trust fields such as information security, governance, assurance, risk, privacy, and quality.

With these awards under its belt, AIDAF is already making waves in the IT and digital landscape. Experts in the field laud the framework's versatility and effectiveness in addressing the agility elements so crucial to successful IT strategy and digital transformation initiatives. The future is bright for AIDAF, as more organizations and industries will continue to explore its potential for driving digital innovation.

To delve deeper into the history of the AIS Outreach Practice Publication Award recipients, please visit the the Global AIS website.

For additional information about the course, you can visit the AIDAF course page on the S3D Executive Education program website.